Media info 23/12/2011

Here we are!


The activity proceeds feverishly in Moto Morini's factory in Casalecchio di Reno: we are preparing for the big reopening in spring 2012; in addition to the factory's reopening we are also working on our new website's creation:!


It will be an international reference point for all the fans of these great bikes! All our future activities are going to be centered on our web site, the purchase of motorcycles and components to customize them "À la carte" will be on web. A configurator will allow to make your bike as you want it, personalization shall reach the point that the bike will be yours and no other will be the same! All fans will be able to deal directly with the factory via email for all eventual problems and all improvements of their bikes; a call center will be at their disposal to answer any query in real time. All Moto Morini riders will be able to sell and buy used Moto Morini bikes on a dedicated page and, find loads of components for motorcycles, bikers and their safety.

There will be various dates during the year between which to choose to come and try the bikes directly at the factory, learn about Moto Morini's men and women hospitality, view the stunning locations of Bologna's surroundings and try the legendary cuisine of its restaurants. An integration between man, nature and bike in order to maximize the pleasure of riding and owning a Moto Morini, that's why we call them machine components and, human components and not simply accessories!


We are working to be operative in spring and will be adding more and more new features to complete our range of products and services by the autumn of 2012. An affectionate greeting to all fans of the Corsaro, Scrambler, Granpasso and ... prepare for the news that we have in store for you this spring! In the meantime we wish you a Merry Christmas!
For any information write us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sandro Capotosti and Ruggeromassimo Jannuzzelli