Early years Moto Morini company was born in an era of pioneering motorcycling, when most of the roads were untarred.

In 1937 Alfonso Morini decided to set up business on his own as a manufacturer, but the design and production of motorcycles began only in 1946 when the first model, T125, was presented.

His insight helped to make Italian motorcycle industry unique, giving birth to the two-wheel legend.

Speed, discovery, adventure, Moto Morini helped to bring all these feelings into each Italian’s daily life. The myth was born thanks too to the Races Dept.; Alfonso Morini was a former pilot, besides being a good designer and he understood at once that the world of racing was a powerful tool to advertise the brand. 
Morini’s first title came soon after, in 1948 when Raffaele Alberti was crowned Italian champion in a 125cc race.

A Moto Morini is unique, you drive it, you enjoy it and you desire it.