The ‘50s

In the ‘50s the strong growth of the domestic market, which looked ready for something more performing than the 2-stroke models, made the Company move on firmly to 4-stroke engines.

These were the years when the motorcycle became synonymous of sportiness and speed, the greater engine power had once again changed and revolutionized the world of two-wheels.

It was in this context that Morini 175 made its entry on the market; later a sport model stemmed from it, destined to enter the company’s history for its many successes and for having launched drivers meant for a remarkable career: the Settebello.

These were the years of the great productivity boost and between 1954 and 1955 a wonderful single-cylinder bike was born: the Rebello that will manage to establish itself as one of the finest classic models of the Italian motorcycling school.

A Moto Morini is unique, you drive it, you enjoy it and you desire it.