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CHE Definitions.

"Moto Morini" or the "Company" means Moto Morini Ltd., with registered offices at Via Beri, 24 - 27020 Trivolzio (PV), Italy.

"Site" means the site

"User" means the users and visitors of the Site

The site is operated by Moto Morini and possibly by third parties who will be indicated where applicable.

Please read these terms and conditions before using the Site, as they represent the specification between the User and Moto Morini. The User declares to accept them by accessing the site and its individual sections; if the User does not accept even one of them, the User shall not make use of the Site.

Intellectual property

The User declares he/she is informed of the fact that all the contents of the Site are protected by the current legislation regarding intellectual property and that Moto Morini Ltd. is the holder of all the rights.

All contents of the site by virtue of what above, cannot be in the least partially reproduced, used, and / or processed without the consent by Moto Morini Ltd. or by any third party holder of such rights.


What above also applies to all Brands in the Site.

Authorized use

Unless expressly authorized in writing by Moto Morini, the Site cannot be used for advertising or commercial purposes. In any case, the Site should be used in accordance to the applicable law and cannot be used for fraudulent purposes.

The User declares he/she has the legal capacity and the capacity to act and in any case and he/she is of age, under the legislation of his/her country, to perform, where appropriate, online purchases. If not, the User must refrain from using the Site.

Users who carry out fraudulent or illegal acts will be prosecuted pursuant to the law.


Warranties provided by Moto Morini for the use of this Site are solely those provided for by the law and those that might be provided for by Manufacturers and Suppliers of Moto Morini; any other warranty is excluded.

The User hereby expressly declares that his/her use of the Site is at his/her sole and exclusive risk.

Products and services

Products and services may not be available in all countries. The Site is accessible from many countries and in some of them local legislation or Moto Morini can ensure that on one hand such products and services are not marketable or usable; on the other, that Moto Morini does not make them available or that it does it with some modifications due to commercial or legal reasons in User`s country. These modifications are at Moto Morini`s discretion and can be introduced by it without any prior notice.

All products and their technical data, figures and information on this site are "as is", "as available" without any expressed or implied warranty of any kind. Such information, progressively updated, is purely indicative and not binding for Moto Morini

Over the time, Moto Morini can modify and improve its products without any obligation to act likewise on products already sold or to reproduce the same modifications and improvements in their representations on the Site, as they are merely indicative.

Please note also that in some countries regulations concerning the approval of vehicles and products are different from those on which basis they are represented on the Site and for this reason their use on the road or in general in the User`s country may not be allowed. In this regard we recommend contacting the competent Local Authorities to receive clarifications on the matter.

General Limitation of Liability

Information and services in the Site may include inaccuracies or errors.

Information contained in the Site is subject to periodic changes. Moto Morini expressly reserves the right to make changes at any time.

Moto Morini and its suppliers do not warrant that the Site is free from defects related to the content or to the accuracy of the Site itself and of the software, its reliability or that it may cause damages to User`s property; for this purpose the Company and its suppliers under no circumstances can be liable for any direct, indirect, moral, incidental, special or consequential damages or any damage whatsoever including, but not restricted to, damages for loss of usage, data or profits arising from or somehow connected to the use or performance of the Site. The Company, its managers, directors, employees or associates, as well as its suppliers will not be liable for any injury, loss, direct or indirect damage, or anyway connected with any use of the Site that does not comply with these terms and conditions.

In any case, the User agrees and acknowledges that Moto Morini`s liability, should it be acknowledged, cannot exceed in any case the cost that the User would eventually have borne for the use of the Site.

Third Parties

If the User uses this Site to make a purchase order, or more generally for carrying out any activity on behalf of a third party, he/she will be liable for any errors regarding the information provided and he/she shall inform the third party of all terms, conditions and information applicable regarding the purchase, booking, the characteristics of the product or otherwise related to the specific activities carried out through this Site.

Each User using the Site on behalf of a Third Party agrees to indemnify and to exempt Moto Morini from any responsibility regarding the use on behalf of a third party or any non-compliance by the User of his/her obligations on behalf of the third party and also for any direct non-compliance by the third party.



The Site may contain links to third party`s websites; Moto Morini takes no responsibility whatsoever for the content, operation and accuracy of the sites these links refer the User to.

Moto Morini reserves the right to grant and deny to third parties the connections to its own Site via a link; Moto Morini also reserves the right to resort to the most appropriate protections if a third party connects the Site to theirs or to others` and extracts whatever document.


Moto Morini holds in high regard the privacy of the Users of its Site and it adopts a corporate policy designed to protect sensitive data of its Users. Such policy, which is fully reported here (see link) includes the implementation of the following measures:

Some of the User`s personal data are required in order to register to the Site itself, and to stipulate contracts. The User acknowledges and declares to be informed that personal data provided, will be recorded and used by Moto Morini in accordance and in compliance with applicable rules of law (Law Decree n. 196/2003 - Privacy Code). If the User transmits personal or sensitive data to the Site, these will be treated in compliance with the guidelines, as provided for by the notes referred to in link.

The User who has released his/her personal data or sensitive information, as required by applicable law, may at any time update and / or modify his/her personal data by logging in (typing his/her username and password) through the dedicated section of the Site

Reports and complaints

For any report, complaint or information, the User is requested to write to:

Moto Morini s.r.l., Via Beri, 24 - 27020 Trivolzio (PV), Italy.


Termination of Service

Moto Morini may terminate or suspend the User`s access to all or part of this Site, at any time, without prior notice and at its discretion.

Utilization Agreement

These terms and conditions represent the agreement between Moto Morini and the User, regarding the use of the Site.

The User is as of now informed of the fact that the purchase or other transactions relating to the products and services are subject to further legal and / or contractual requirements, as indicated each time on the Site. These terms and conditions may be modified at any moment by Moto Morini at its unquestionable discretion; navigation and any other action by the User regarding the Site is subject to the legal principle of "tempus regit actum" therefore it will be subject to their version, with relation to the time browsing on the Website tales place or the corresponding action is fulfilled.


Should any clause or part of a clause of this agreement be considered null and void because it is against a provision of applicable law, all other terms and clauses or parts of a clause will remain in full force and effect. The Site has been drawn up in Italian and translated into other languages; any misunderstanding about the meaning or interpretation of the clauses will be settled on the basis of the Italian version of the Site.

These terms and conditions are governed by Italian law, and under that law they must be interpreted. For anything which is not expressly provided for herewith, the provisions in force of Italian law apply.

Except for the case of provisions of mandatory law, any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Bologna.

Accept usage
Privacy statement pursuant to article 13 of Italian Law Decree n. 196, 30th June 2003, - Code regarding personal data protection.

This registration is intended for the subsequent conclusion and management of the contract regarding your purchase of any of the products on the site https: // (hereinafter the "Site"), as well as, if you wish it, to allow you to be contacted and receive information about commercial initiatives by Moto Morini Ltd.

Personal data provided will be handled by Moto Morini Ltd., entitled to data processing, with registered offices at Via Beri, 24 - 27020 Trivolzio (PV), Italy (hereinafter "Moto Morini"), with automated and non-automated tools, in compliance with the provisions of Law Decree 196, 30th June 2003 - Code regarding personal data protection, for the following purposes:

(I) to enable registration to the Site belonging to Moto Morini and the subsequent conclusion of the contract for the purchase of products and / or services available on the Site, its execution and the performance of the resulting services and obligations, including all administrative and accounting formalities. Your data may be disclosed for these exclusive purposes to third parties under contract to Moto Morini (such as importers, distributors, retailers, service network, banking and credit institutions, Internet operators, carriers and freight forwarders), possibly located in countries outside the European Union, in which case the data will be exclusively handled for the aforementioned purposes. The data will be brought to the attention of the Data Processing Managers and Trustees appointed by Moto Morini and by the above entities. If you proceed to a purchase through the Site, your email address can be used to inform you about any news, promotions and offers on Moto Morini products and on products bearing Moto Morini brand: if you do not wish to receive such information, you must notify it by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address, at any point in time. During the process of purchasing a product through the Site, the IP address used by the User to submit the order will also be recorded, solely for purposes of investigation and prosecution of possible offences or illegal use of the Site and for anti-fraud activities. In order to allow the activation of specific functions and a better performance of the Site, the latter uses cc.dd. cookies: these are files sent from the Site server and registered, via the User`s browser, on the User`s hard disk, where some information relating to navigation and the activity carried out by the User (Site pages visited, reference geographical area, any other web site from which you come to the Site, orders successfully placed) are recorded, relayed from the User`s PC to the Site Server at any subsequent access to the Site itself. The data recorded in the cookies do not contain and are in no way affiliated with the User`s identification data, nor allow his/her identification, nor are they used to identify him/her in any way whatsoever, but they are used solely to speed up certain functionalities of the Site in the event of a User`s subsequent visit to the Site or to conduct statistical activities or to create reports through the processing of data in unidentified or aggregate form. The User may, at his/her own free choice, be informed on the use of the cookies, or limit or prevent their use by modifying the options available in his/her navigation program (browser). The User may also provide for the outright cancellation of cookies through the functionality of his/her browser. In these last cases, some functionalities of the Site may not function properly;

(II) to dispatch advertising materials and newsletters, to conduct commercial information, by e-mail and in hard copy, on promotional and commercial promotions of the Site and of Moto Morini, of its sales and service network and of its partners, to carry out market research and satisfaction surveys. For these exclusive purposes, data may be communicated by Moto Morini to companies linked to it by contract (such as companies that specialize in market research and data processing, advertising agencies), to companies of the Moto Morini Group, to Moto Morini subsidiaries or part of its sales and service network (such as branches, importers, distributors, dealers, garages), possibly with registered offices in countries outside the European Union, in which case they will be used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes. The data will be brought to the attention of Data Processing Managers and Trustees appointed by Moto Morini and by the above entities. If you do not wish to receive further communications you can simply send an e-mail to the e-mail address, at any time.

Apart from what specified above, the data provided by the User will not be ceded to third parties and will not be disclosed. The data provided by the User during the registration process can be crossed, for updating purposes, with other data, in lawful possession of Moto Morini, provided by the same User in other circumstances.

Providing data for the purposes specified in paragraph (I) is optional, i.e. it is not a regulatory requirement, but it is required to complete the registration process, conclude and give effect to any contract for the supply of products through the Site. In the event the data referred to as "required" are not provided in the registration form, and therefore in other pages of the Site, it will not be possible to complete the registration process and to conclude and to implement the purchase contract.

Providing data for the purposes in paragraph (II) is optional, i.e. it is not a regulatory requirement, but it is required to be contacted by Moto Morini: failure to provide data for such purposes will only result in the impossibility to receive information about Moto Morini promotions and sales, its sales and service network and their partners.

In your capacity as interested party, you have the rights as per art. 7, Law Decree 196, 30th June 2003, listed below. In relation to the exercise of such rights, as well as to receive information about an updated list of Data Processing Managers appointed by Moto Morini, you can call +39 051 2986011 or send a message to, or by fax +39 051 577048.

Casalecchio di Reno (BO) 01/03/2012

I agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes specified in paragraph (I) of this Privacy Statement [registration]

I agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes specified in paragraph (II) of this Privacy Statement [dispatch of newsletters, commercial information, market research, satisfaction surveys]