Recent Years From the ‘80s till mid ‘00s, Moto Morini has lived through ups and downs.

It has been a long period during which the company has been subject to acquisitions and stylish re-launches, but also suffered dangerous drifts on the market that lead it very near to its final decline.

An historic brand though, that made the history of motorcycling, always preserves its charm. In 2011it was acquired by two far-sighted Milanese entrepreneurs who bought it in order to reach new horizons and market shares. In a nutshell, Moto Morini is back on track.

Today the company is starting anew with unique enthusiasm springing from its 75-year-long history and expertise in what, according to us, is the most capturing activity in the world: manufacturing motorbikes.

We shall launch new stylistic standards to design and manufacture the Moto Morini of the future, we shall give it a strong family feeling together with a modern and radical design.

A unique know-how enables the company to design its own motorcycles in-house to respond to the motorcyclist needs, and leaving to him/her the interpretation and the driving of his/her bike.

A Moto Morini is unique, you drive it, you enjoy it and you desire it.